They had arranged to meet at the Lima Bean as ever. Once arrived at the place they meet in the door and look each other with a smile. Blaine was nervous but cautiously concealed up just to arrive to the table, once there, he looked at his friend and with a trembling voice said:

- David … I want to talk to you, seriously.

He didn’t know what might want his friend, suddenly his face had become tense, He feared He had screwed something but just said a simple “Okay” and let him talk.

- I … I…- his nerves choked his throat while awkwardly brought his hand to his friend’s and pressed hard.

- Hey … What are you doing? - was surprised to feel the hand of Blaine on his.

- I took your hand… -said nervously while doing so.

- It is obvious- replied it confusing trying to escape- but … Why do you do it?

That question was easily to answered, however, was much more difficult to pronounce the words.

- Because I … I am … I’m in love with you … I love you.


I’m sorry, probably my english is a shit.

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